Top 10 Things to Consider When Availing of NY SEO Services

Regardless of the size of your business, considering NY SEO Services for your website is an important step. Yes, your website may look stunning with a lot of multimedia functionalities. However, it will become useless if the site is not getting enough attention from potential customers. Your website will mean nothing if it remains mired at the bottom of search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization services are a plenty these days. You can find them left or right offering their services to potential customers, but then again when considering getting their services, you need to consider a lot of factors and not just get them for your optimization requirements. You need to work with a qualified and reputable company. How do you find the right one for the job? Here are 10 things you need to bear in mind when looking for an SEO company.

Years of Experience

Any individual or group of individuals can put up an agency overnight and claim to be experts. However, this does not mean that they know what they are doing already. According to Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, being an expert takes years of doing the work. According to her, an expert SEO specialist can easily evaluate a website and determine what a company exactly needs.

Knowledge of All SEO Levels

seo analyticsSearch engine optimization is a 3-tiered activity: An expert in providing search engine optimization service should be aware of the three levels namely:

•Technical (site structure which determines how easy or difficult a search engine can crawl and index your site’s content)

•On-Page Optimization (employing various techniques such as keywords and HTML tags to boost search engine traffic to your site)

•Off-page Optimization (employing techniques that will allow search engines to access all of your content and ensure the success of your website)

Proven Track Record

Anyone can brag about how good they are in search engine optimization techniques. However, everything boils down to having happy and satisfied clients; thus, when looking for an SEO provider, you should always check three of their most recent customers to determine how the provider has helped them succeed with their SEO goals.

Marketing Background

According to Jill Whalen, SEO success goes beyond the technical issues of a website. In a way, SEO is like traditional marketing – that is you need to make the customer see the benefits leading to a sale. An expert in search engine optimization services can make your website appeal to customers who are looking for possible benefits that they can get from your company.

A Well-Rounded Perspective and Knowledge

seoToday’s SEO does not just focus on improving website rankings and other stuff. Now, SEO also encompasses understanding marketing at a deeper level. This means knowledge of the psychology of the human race, web analytics, web design and development, and other methods. Nowadays, it is challenging to separate search engine optimization from these practices as it could have a huge impact on your website.

Looking at the Big Picture

Search engine optimization service should not only focus on conversions and search engine rankings. The ideal setup is for SEO to accomplish the goal of your company and not just boost the rankings of your website on search engines.

Adaptability to your Company’s Culture

The SEO company must be capable of adjusting their services and offerings to the goals and requirements of your business. It should be compatible with the image that your company tries to portray.

Excellent Communication Skills

A search engine optimization provider must have the ability to make their customers understand the need to change their website. Likewise, they should be able to communicate and work with people of all levels and get the message across.

Desire to Get Things Done Effectively

Obstacles and roadblocks will surely be along the way that could discourage the SEO expert from accomplishing the job at hand. An ideal SEO practitioner must have the ability to overcome these challenges in order to succeed.

Continues to Hone his Craft

Search engine optimization techniques continue to grow. What may be applicable today may no longer be acceptable in the next year or even months. A good SEO consultant should continue to make himself better in his practice.

Search engine optimization is an important task that you should not take for granted. If your website is not optimized for SEO, chances are you could be losing out on potential customers. Working with a company that offers NY SEO Services can go a long way in gaining the attention of potential clients.

Garden City Real Estate as a Sensible Option

Some businesses looking forward to expanding their operations have started to view Garden City real estate as a sensible option. Do you want to run out of slots yourself before you dive in into the next big investment hub?“Build it and they will come”, so goes a line from the movie Field of Dreams. You have an empire to build as a budding entrepreneur. Make Garden City real estate as one of your best options for building your business from the ground up.

Real EstateWhy the sudden demand for such spaces? By this time, you are already oriented about the re-emergence of the upwardly mobile people and those employed at a young age. These are the folks who enjoy going around the community and enjoying the spots that they frequent. Most of them end up becoming regular customers to the establishments they usually hop into hence the term “bar-hoppers” was coined.

Well, even the term “bar-hoppers” has started to evolve. They simply became “hoppers” – young professionals who live, work and play all in the same community here at Garden City real estate.

How did that happen? They usually live in a house that is easily accessible to public transportation but can afford to walk their way to the office because it is only 5 blocks or less away. After office hours, or during the weekend, for example, they find it easy to drop by some bars or clubs to drink the night away since it would only be just a few blocks away too. Not bad for a laidback community – work and play are easily synergized with the option to go home with some friends once the night has gone on too late.

How about for the family-oriented homeowners? Think about how some parents find it easy to take their kids first to school before moving on to their own workplaces. Some would actually drive out of their way to take their kids to school while others would walk, not exactly the kind that you would want your children to experience. But at least, it would only take you a few minutes to go from school to work by car than taking it forever especially if you get stuck in traffic.

Real EstatesOn weekends, since there would be no school, parents could easily take their kids to the nearest theme park to enjoy some rides. They would enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a nearby restaurant after a long fun day.Such possibilities usually arise at the thought of having a pedestrian-oriented community where most areas are reachable by foot. But having them accessible by a short ride is appreciated too. A short ride doesn’t make much of a difference from areas that can be reached by foot as long as the aim of making everything accessible within a few blocks away is attained.

What is the point in highlighting most of these here? Not only do you get yourself a good deal once you purchase one of the houses that are close to public transportation and high traffic areas. You also get the opportunity to invest in nearby slots to put up retail kiosks or other business establishments that would help you secure a foothold in the Garden City business scene. Not only would you get the chance to provide jobs, you establish yourself as a sensible entrepreneur too.

Contact your real estate broker and take your pick at the options that this city has to offer you.

Working at Home: Making a DIY Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards are everywhere. They can be found on a smartphone a businessman uses, the computer that a call center agent works on, or on a tablet that a kid uses to play games. These devices work efficiently due to the support of PCBs. They can be readily bought in stores or can be ordered online; but for those who need a printed circuit board but has no budget to buy it, and resourceful and patient enough to create it, this can also be made at home using cheap materials.

For a DIY printed circuit board, the materials to work with designing process of PCB are as follows:

A copper-clad board, a glossy photo paper, a solution of ferric chloride, a small-hole drill, acetone, clothes iron, a tape, a cutter or a hacksaw blade, a marker, and water. Get more about DIY printed circuit board from

The first step is designing the desired pattern for the PCB. This can be done by drawing on the glossy photo paper. But to be more accurate, it is recommended to use computer software that enables to check the exact spots for fitting the components later. It will also ease the modification jobs and can be printed directly.

pcb-designThe next process will be printing the circuit design. There are many methods to do this like photo transfer, milling, or direct transfer. However, the easiest way for a homemade PCB is the toner transfer method. This is through the use of a glossy photo paper and a laser jet printer. The design’s image is printed on the paper and has to be cut out.

Take the copper-clad board, which will serve as the actual circuit. Precisely cut it out the same size of the paper. This can be done by using a sharp cutter for small-sized boards or a hacksaw blade for the larger ones. To ensure that the board is clean from any dirt, grease, or fingerprints, acetone is wiped through it. If there is no acetone present, then rubbing a metallic sponge until the board becomes shiny is beneficial; but take note that this is a time-consuming process.

The fourth step is attaching the design’s image to the copper-clad board. Tape the cut-out image; make sure that it faces down. Press the clothes’ iron onto it, which is set at the highest temperature within a period of five minutes. This is to melt the toner and the plastic, making it stick onto the board.

The next step is peeling off the paper from the board. Soak the entire board into a cup or basin of water, preferably boiling in about 25 minutes. This can separate the paper from the copper-clad board. The remaining paper remnants can also be manually peeled off. Take note that some parts of the print may be removed a bit, but you need not worry because it can be traced back using a permanent marker.

The board can now be etched. During this process, you need a ferric chloride solution. For those who are unfamiliar about what ferric chloride is, it is an orange-black, sometimes brown solid solution which is slightly soluble in liquid. It has the ability to corrode or dissolve most of the metals, including copper. Submerging the board on the solution while stirring it in for about 10 minutes will remove the excess copper parts that were uncovered by the toner; but when using it, make sure to wear protective coverings such as gloves and masks.

After doing so, wipe away the toner with acetone or by simply dipping it again on a basin of water and scrubbing again with a metallic sponge. Now the copper pattern will be easily recognized.

The next step is drilling the holes for the circuit components using a small drill. Make sure that when drilling, no other surfaces will be damaged. Now the circuit components, as well as the wiring, can be attached. This will mark the completion of the homemade printing circuit board.

Making a DIY printed circuit board is very useful aside from being fun. Having a handmade PCB will also increase your knowledge about electrical circuits and other related components.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Keynote Speaker


Hiring a good speaker can be easy, but getting the services of the best keynote speaker that fits just right in a company event might be more difficult, especially if an organizer is not equipped with enough information to make him aware of the possible mistakes he can make in choosing one. Read on to learn about those potential speaker-selection errors.

1.Failing to Outline How an Event Should Turn Out

This mistake can be easily avoided by defining the purpose of the event held. An event organizer needs to ask the following questions:

• Before the event starts – What information does the participating audience need to have?

• During the event – What emotions are expected to be felt by the audience?

• At the end of the event – What specific tasks should the audience be motivated to do?

The moment these three important questions have clear answers, the organizer can begin his task of looking for the keynote speaker who fits the bill.

2.Failing to Spell Out the Characteristics Sought After in a Speaker

No two types of speakers are alike. There is the speaker who is a master in motivating his audience with an inspiring speech. Another speaker can easily provide detailed information on a particular topic that would have been difficult to flesh out to a distracted audience. There is also the type of speaker who knows his way around tapping into the audience’s emotions and encouraging them into doing a certain action.

3.Choosing a Speaker With Self-serving Motives

The right keynote speaker realizes that although his skills and knowledge were sought after, every member of the audience is the most important person in the event. He even goes out of his way to ask the event organizer about the personalities, values, and attitudes of his audience members, because he knows that looking for their “sweet spots” is the best way to get them interested in his talk, and to get them inspired to take action afterwards.

4. Neglecting the Importance of Following Up

A speaker, no matter how good or how right for an event, cannot be expected to influence his audience in a long-lasting manner with a single speech. This is why follow-up meetings between the speaker and the event participants is crucial, as a means of reminding the latter of the common goals they are supposed to achieve, as well as for encouraging other members to take action if they have failed to do so the first time. Follow-ups by the speaker may be done in any of the following ways:

• Provide one-on-one consultations

• Recommend another speaker who has expert knowledge on a certain subject

• Suggest online courses and print materials

5.Doing Away with References

It all boils down to this one important thing: Would this speaker’s services be hired again by the people for whom he has given talks before?

6.Failing to Realize That One Gets What One Pays For

Speakers serve an important function in organized events; it should not come as a surprise to the organizer that they do not come cheap. If hiring the best keynote speaker is a priority, then the organizer should be prepared to meet the price that comes with the speaker he chooses for the job. He can still make the most out of his expense by asking the speaker to get more involved in preparing for the event by coordinating with the organizer, and to have one-on-one conversations with a few participants after the event.

7.Choosing a Good Speaker Who Just Does Not Happen to be the Right One

As mentioned earlier, different speakers have different strengths that allow each to play different roles in any company event. It helps to find out a speaker’s characteristics and see if he is what the event truly needs.

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Hiring a best speaker can be easy, but getting the services of the best keynote speaker that fits just right in a company event might be more difficult.The right keynote speaker realizes that although his skills and knowledge were sought after, every member of the audience is the most important person in the event.

Selecting the Right Golf Clubs

The golf club is the most essential weapon in a golfer’s arsenal. Used for striking the ball, different kinds of clubs is necessary for different situations in a game. It can even be argued that as a player, you will go as far as your golf clubs will carry you. Because of this, selecting the right set of clubs for your game is essential. This guide will help you select the right club for your game.

A golf club set can contain a wide variety of clubs, with each of them having unique designs that prove useful for particular situations. Knowing your golf grips will help you discern which you will use for a particular situation.


The driver is designed for carrying the ball to as far a distance as possible. They possess the longest shafts, necessary for channeling as much force as possible from your swing. They also have large, bulbous heads that help with striking the ball efficiently. Because they are made to propel the ball at a long distance, they are best used when teeing off or when the hole is still far away. Drivers, when used properly, can propel a ball anywhere between 200 to 300 meters forward.


The iron is designed for carrying the ball upwards at a forward trajectory. They work almost the same way as drivers, but their design is mainly oriented to propel the ball vertically. Irons are classified according to number. The higher the number, the higher the angle in which the head is tapered, which means the higher the elevation it can reach. Low-numbered irons can be used to overcome short obstacles and for driving. High-numbered irons are most useful for getting out of bunkers and setting up for putts.


Golf gripsThe putter is mainly designed for scoring the ball at close range. They are designed for rolling the ball towards the hole with a gentle swing. In contrast to drivers and irons, the putter has a shorter shaft and a flat head. It’s designed that way to maximize accuracy, a must for completing successful putts. Because of this, different makers of golf grips have different putter designs. In spite of these variations, putters are still the simplest of all clubs.

Now that you know about the characteristics and functions of each kind of golf club, it is now time to learn how you can buy the right one for your needs. Getting the right set of golf clubs is important as it will help you get the most out of your game.


Acquiring a set of clubs is not cheap. This actually puts more pressure on you to get the right one. Entry-level golf clubs are priced for a few hundred dollars, while the high-end ones are priced at least a thousand dollars. If such clubs prove too expensive for you, you can always hunt for secondhand clubs. A lot of used clubs still in good condition can be had at a bargain price.


The state of your game is a very essential part of selecting the right clubs. The biggest factor that plays here is the overall stiffness of the shaft. Having a stiff club is great for those who are in great shape and can strike the ball with huge force. However, having a club with more flex will work better for those who don’t have that requisite strength such as women, seniors, and out-of-shape players.


Quality is a very important consideration when shopping for any item, and golf clubs are no exception to this rule. You can ask other golfers which sets work well for them. You can also check out professional product reviews to see the performance of these clubs. Doing your prior research will greatly help you get the right set.

Shopping for golf clubs is not as hard as it seems. Having knowledge of your options can help you immensely.

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Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the top discount golf retailers in the world which offers golf grips at discount pricing from name brands such as Winn, UST & Iomic.

Planning a Memorial or a Funeral

Honoring the life of a deceased family member or friend is the best way for mourners at a funeral to celebrate that deceased person’s life. It is a much better alternative than actually thinking how the person died. When a family member or friend dies, it is only normal to hold memorial services. A lot of planning is involved when it comes to memorial services, because it serves to honor the deceased and the kind of life he or she lived.

In a memorial ceremony, there are some important elements that need to be considered, and one of them is the ceremony’s tone. The friends or family of the deceased must select a tone that is right for their needs. There are some people who want a comedic tone, others seek a joyful tone, while others would want the memorial service to have a somber tone. The tone of the service is usually dependent on the kind of personality the departed person had.

FuneralRecently, there has been observed a shift in the way a typical funeral service is held. Burial services, traditionally, have always been gloomy affairs. However, more people are choosing to add elements that commemorate the deceased person’s life and achievements.

Pre-planning burial arrangements are perceived as an opportunity for a person to differently emphasize aspects of his or her life so that they can have a lasting impression on those they will leave behind. Individuals who prefer a particular sports team or song may want to integrate those elements into their memorial services; this will make it easier for their loved ones to find solace and comfort.

Funeral ceremonies help friends and families left behind to adjust to life without the departed, while still remembering the person’s well-lived life. The burial or cremation ceremonies can be dependent on the individuals being commemorated. One can incorporate particular elements to set the right tone at a memorial, while also taking into consideration the deceased religious affiliations.

A way to establish the tone while organizing a memorial is by way of the selected readings – whether if there is or not a religious reading or eulogy that has a hand in the memorial’s tone. Sacred texts, written passages, or poetry can lend a unique tone to the ceremony. Another thing that can affect the memorial ceremony’s tone is by letting funeral attendees to participate in the service or even contribute or share their memories of the recently departed.

Aside from adding personalized elements to the service, another way to establish a different tone to the memorial services is by using visual displays. There are death care establishments that offer – as part of their services – video presentations that celebrate the person’s life with special memories and images of the person. These establishments also let the surviving families display memorabilia or photos. The photographs or memorabilia add a personal touch to the experience and enable families to honor their beloved friends or family members who have passed away.

These memorials are a way for surviving families and friends to deal with the loss of a loved one. Grief is only natural and the healing process should not be rushed. People do not heal the same way. Some recover from their loss in as little as a few days while others take longer than that.

In order to help surviving family members and friends deal with the grieving process, the death care establishments can also help in arranging the funeral or memorial service. Before the memorial is held, the establishments provide caskets, flowers, transportation, fees for the clergy, and location for the wake. The death of a loved one can be an arduous process, but the memorial services can help commence the healing process.

Guidelines on Acquiring Organization’s Military Coins

Ever since the military coins have crossed barriers and have broken into the civilian world, they became popular in various regions. At the moment, there are countless places to purchase these coins. A military coin, better known as challenge coin, is a little medallion on which an organization or military unit’s symbolic insignia is engraved. This medallion is always brought by every organizations’ member. Their purpose is to prove one’s identity or membership in the group. Furthermore, they jumpstart the self-esteem of those who were acknowledged as members. These medallions also show recognition for the men and women who have offered their service in the organization they are involved with.

military coinsChallenge coins have proven their significance throughout history. For example, a coin has saved an American pilot’s life during World War I. This was because he has proven his identify as a member of an American military unit. The French mistook him for a saboteur. However, once they have recognized the engraved insignia on the coin and confirmed that he is not a saboteur, they cancelled his execution. Beyond this example, military coins remain useful to army members. Because of this, these medallions have piqued the interest of society. People are presently willing to collect more and more military coins.

Acquire a Military Coin That Will Stand Out

Leaders or members of organizations, fraternities, sororities, special clubs, committees, athletes, departments and a lot more groups collectively practice the tradition of challenge coins. This is to build camaraderie and trustworthiness amongst the members. Challenge coins are a great medium for providing others a memorable long-term impact. This tradition is already common and if one is just starting to adopt this practice, it’d be necessary to get extraordinary challenge coins.

Though these coins are of no monetary value, one should still ensure that they do not look cheap. People nowadays look for high-quality, complexly designed and impactful coins. At the moment, coin-hunting has been easier since they are present in the online market. Even while at home, people could now look for uniquely created coins. A lot of coin manufacturers have emerged. Still, it’s important to choose a coin producer you could easily work with – onewith great attention to detail but doesn’t disregard your ideas. Choose those who would grasp what could best represent your organization.

For first timers, understanding the designs engraved on military coins can really be confusing. These coins are a platform of limitless combinations of symbols, colors, and designs. It is important to acquire a challenge coin that would show specifically what you want to convey. Just so, the tradition and history of challenge coins are preserved and well-respected in the hearts of its owners.

Designing and Customizing the Coins

Just like business cards, challenge coins are inscribed with significant information on them. They may be small pieces of metals, but with the etched insignia on them, they could at once tell the story of their designers. The insignia is a symbolic logo or image that could best represent an organization. It’s perfectly fine for these coins to feature a minimalistic design, as long as they represent a vision and are proof of excellent craftsmanship.

To summarize, in orderingmilitary coins, one has to remember the following: (1) Each image should clearly represent the organization; (2) The colors should boost the organization’s noteworthy aspects and lastly; (3) The size, thickness and the texture of the coin should convey the principles of the organization. In simpler terms, it’s necessary that every aspect of the coin you are getting serves as a symbol of your organization’s goals and greatness.

Challenge Coins 4 Less specializing in Challenge Coins,Custom challenge coins, Custom Military Coins and Military coins.We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coins and make them a part of everyday life.

The Concept of Buying Facebook Likes

While the internet has been around for some time, social networking, or social media, is something that’s relatively new to most people. Even so, it’s had one of (if not THE) the biggest growth spurts in recent memorydue to the amount of time it has spent on the annals of the Internet. It now holds more importance to people the same way emails used to be the most important online asset for anyone who uses the internet.


Social media’s applications go far and wide. While it’s common to see marketers foresee how good something can be for selling products and services, it took them a while to fully take advantage of what social media had to offer. Here’s a look at what social media is, and how it has given rise to all sorts of marketing practices, such as buy Facebook Likes.

History of Social Media

Social networking started in 1997, with the founding of Although it was only around for 4 years, it gave birth to social media as we know it today. At its peak, had over 3.5 million registered users, something that marketing services at that time failed to notice, or noticed but did not really see any real use.

Social networking was founded on the concept of “six degrees of separation”, which states that “everyone and everything is no more than six steps away”. This concept still holds true for the social media sites that would follow it, though it has been trumped by the “social circles network model”.

In the year 2000, the first successful social media site, Friends Reunited, was launched in Great Britain. Although it doesn’t quite have the same feel as the social networking sites we now have, it worked in a similar way: users would create an account, set-up their profile, and started connecting with other users through research, dating, and job-hunting. The site still exists today, and was last reported to have almost 24 million users (2010).

In 2002, was launched and grew to 3 million users in a span of 3 months. While e-mail and instant messaging through programs such as mIRC and Yahoo! Messenger were still very much the trend, people were slowly but surely veering towards this new way of interacting with other people. Ads were seen on this site, but they were more of the traditional advertisements. Friendster, in its early years, did not really cater to marketing strategies of the day, as marketers still focused on traditional means like creating commercials and catch-phrases.

MySpace would really take the cake for advertisers and marketers in 2003. The way the site was designed, you could get your profile page to look like a microsite than a social networking account.This meant a truckload of potential for marketing and advertising practices, as it virtually gave everyone free access to their own site, much like Tripod (a webhosting site) did, but with a bigger chance of connecting with other users.

But the biggest revelation so far is Facebook. It started in 2004 as a spin-off from online facebooks of Harvard houses by Mark Zuckerberg. It went through several changes, but eventually it offered users a chance to create a page specifically for gathering “likes”, which is Facebook’s way of giving users a new option for marketing. It started off as a simple broadcast-it-to-your-friends marketing, but as of today, a concept known as buy Facebook Likes has taken root.

The concept of buy Facebook Likesworks very much like a tactic advertisers tend to use: they pay people to give good reviews about a product. The same concept applies for the buy Facebook Likes.

Sites that offer this are all around the internet, and if you want to take advantage of this, just do a search and Google will do the rest.